New , MATT

Undoubtedly, it is the main distinctive feature. It takes a thorough process of manufacturing to obtain 100% anti-fingerprint surface and, in the end, the result is astonishing..

With anti-fingerprint Matt, it is now easy to maintain the pleasant feel of the surface and clean it without any extra efforts, moreover, it provides sensations of warmth and comfort.

New colors of Crystal Lacado

New colours & new patterns.

In order to meet this revolutionary tendency, Transformad added 5 5 surface designs to CRYSTAL: Cemento, Zebrano, Espiga , and the ones with the light wood surface effect. .
Now, it is worth to say, we believe we have given more freedom to create unique kitchen furniture design .

By opting only for all the 16 16 colours of Crystal it will be enough to “dress up” a full of senses kitchen..