At TRANSFORMAD we are dedicated to the manufacturing of surfaces for furniture, countertops, and interior coatings. We are committed to implement compatible processes with the sustainable development of our environment and the Chain of Custody of forest raw materials.

The fact of being a certified wood company, helps us to regulate and protocoled procedures that are respectful with the environment and scope in which we develop our activities. That is why the material used at Transformad comes exclusively from forests managed in a sustainable manner as evidenced by the PEFC™ and FSC® certificates of the Forest Certification Systems recognition program.

Every time we are more consumers and manufacturers and we see the need to protect the environment. This causes an increase in the demand for products that respects nature, which guarantees their survival and sustainability, and that at the same time allows to obtain social and economic benefits.

To manage this demand for sustainable practices, FSC® and PEFC™ forest management certifications have been created.

PEFC™ (The Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes, what is the same as Program of recognition of Forest Certification Systems), was established in 1999 in Paris by organizations from 11 European countries. The PEFC™ represents the public and private owners of forests, the industry that uses forest raw materials, distribution and marketing companies, public administrations, environmental groups, and final consumers who decide to buy products labeled with the PEFC™ certification seal. This certification provides the framework for the development of common principles, to ensure that the forest product comes from a forest managed with criteria of sustainability.

FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council), is an independent international non-profit organization created in 1993, made up of representatives from different areas: social, environmental and economic, committed to sustainable forest management, with the objective to promote forest management, responsible socially beneficial and economically viable. The FSC® is made up of more than 700 members from 79 countries, representing all social groups, environmental organizations, foresters, forestry entrepreneurs, indigenous organizations and researchers, among others.

With these certifications, the chain of custody is guaranteed throughout the entire forest supply line to promote good practices in forests and to ensure that the origin of forest products is respectful with the most stringent ecological, social and ethical standards.”

Likewise, TRANSFORMAD also has the ISO-9001 Quality Management System Certificate. Our commitment in all our activities is to respond to the needs of our customers. Therefore, the company makes a special effort to meet these needs and find the best solutions to meet their requirements and regulations. In Transformad we work with leading innovation technology to achieve unique and ground-breaking designs that give higher value to the product, providing differential finishes and qualities.