Transformad presents the Natura collection, a new postforming that creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere thanks to its colors and veins. This new series is a clear bet to bring nature closer to our homes.

Our HPL laminate surfaces have antibacterial properties

At Transformad, our top priority has always been the health and safety of our customers. Our STRATI antibacterial HPL laminates range offers the solution to protect the most demanding and clean spaces in cleanliness and hygiene. These surfaces provide comprehensive security in schools, hospitals, and other public spaces, which are more likely to accumulate germs…

Tmatt, cocina, Transfromad

The new Tmatt color collection. Conceptually inspired proposals for each space in the home

TRANSFORMAD’s future vision is focused on continuing to develop its own technology, respectful for the environment, proposing a design culture through innovative and aesthetically unique alternatives capable of guaranteeing maximum reliability Tmatt, TRANSFORMAD’s supermate, anti-fingerprint and self-regenerating surface brings to life, in this case, an Art Deco bathroom, a Japanese-style kitchen and an open dressing…

Todos los colores Tmatt

Transformad presents 6 new colours of the Tmatt collection

Transformad has presented the new colours range of Tmatt. The Tmatt collection, which until now had 6 basic colours, is extended to 12 colours that combine perfectly with each other and have been carefully chosen to bring new strength to the entire collection. TRANSFORMAD presented the new color range Tmatt. the collection…

Ceiling and wall coating

To perform wall coverings and ceilings there are many options, including CRYSTAL. With high gloss lacquered got a special atmosphere, attractive and full of sensations.

Thanks to the glossy surface, It ensures that the spaces are brighter, since light bounces off it and spreads throughout the room. Being painted surfaces we might even think they are not sufficiently resistant, but Crystal has been particularly careful manufacturing process to make it a strong and durable product over time.


Between 24 and the 27 August this 2016 It was held the IWF fair in Atlanta - Georgia (USA) in which participated Transformer.

At this fair we decided to go for minimalism in design stand with the intention that all the attention recayera only about our products. We got the attention of the audience only with the variety of textures and colors of our collections. Thus we have demonstrated the importance of furniture surfaces in palman sensations and breathe inside a house.