Todos los colores Tmatt

Transformad presents 6 new colours of the Tmatt collection

Transformad has presented the new colours range of Tmatt. The Tmatt collection, which until now had 6 basic colours, is extended to 12 colours that combine perfectly with each other and have been carefully chosen to bring new strength to the entire collection. TRANSFORMAD presented the new color range Tmatt. the collection…

Ceiling and wall coating

To perform wall coverings and ceilings there are many options, including CRYSTAL. With high gloss lacquered got a special atmosphere, attractive and full of sensations.

Thanks to the glossy surface, It ensures that the spaces are brighter, since light bounces off it and spreads throughout the room. Being painted surfaces we might even think they are not sufficiently resistant, but Crystal has been particularly careful manufacturing process to make it a strong and durable product over time.


Between 24 and the 27 August this 2016 It was held the IWF fair in Atlanta - Georgia (USA) in which participated Transformer.

At this fair we decided to go for minimalism in design stand with the intention that all the attention recayera only about our products. We got the attention of the audience only with the variety of textures and colors of our collections. Thus we have demonstrated the importance of furniture surfaces in palman sensations and breathe inside a house.

Kitchen countertops – Abundance of colours

Expensive look for economical price… This is a common attribute thought by homeowners in all the countries worldwide.. Transformad believes to create stunning look of the kitchen does not necessary mean to spend fortune on kitchen furniture surfaces. What evokes sensations is not expensive price but unique finishing colours and designs..

New , MATT

Undoubtedly, it is the main distinctive feature. It takes a thorough process of manufacturing to obtain 100% anti-fingerprint surface and, in the end, the result is astonishing..

With anti-fingerprint Matt, it is now easy to maintain the pleasant feel of the surface and clean it without any extra efforts, moreover, it provides sensations of warmth and comfort.

New colors of Crystal Lacado

New colours & new patterns.

In order to meet this revolutionary tendency, Transformad added 5 5 surface designs to CRYSTAL: Cemento, Zebrano, Espiga , and the ones with the light wood surface effect. .
Now, it is worth to say, we believe we have given more freedom to create unique kitchen furniture design .

By opting only for all the 16 16 colours of Crystal it will be enough to “dress up” a full of senses kitchen..


During the first months of the new marketing of Crystal of Transformad, feelings of customers are very positive. The key to this satisfaction is nothing but the unique features that this product offers.

Crystal is a reality

After presenting in Pordenone Sicam innovative finishes for kitchen doors,Crystal is now a reality.

With Crystal, it manages to convey space and modernity, Thanks to impressive brightness that offers.

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