Excepcional resistance and durability

The MATT collection is summarized in basic and simple colors: in white, gray and brown, completely smooth, without textures. The material is very warm to the touch.

The finish is ultramatt and helps to create a calm and serene atmosphere. This provides the feeling of balance, which is perfect for the kitchen area. It is elegant and soft.

coleccion Lacca Blanco

1157M Blanco

Color Lacca Beige

1901M Beige

0232 Gris MATT

1830M Gris

1893M_Marengo MATT

1893M Marengo

This is such a finish, which trend cannot pass unnoticed. It has the look of natural wood with the emotion-charged finishing.

It highlights the splendor of the texture of the kitchen cabinets doors.

5010P Oak

5010P Oak

5011P Antique

5011P Antique

5012P Lorraine

5012P Lorraine

FENIX NTM® is a supermat material created especially for interior design, which, due to its surface qualities, offers state-of-the-art performance. With the low level of light reflectance its surface acquires spectacularly mat look, anti-fingerprint, pleasant and soft to the touch qualities.

Due to the use of nanotechnology FENIX NTM is able to regenerate micro scratches that may occur during thermal repair process.

bianco kos 0032

0032 Bianco Kos

Castoro Otawa

0717 beaver Ottawa


0718 Grey London


0720 Nero Ingo


0725 Ephesus Grey


0724 Grey Bromo

STRATI leads to the core of the natural shades with its earth and creamy colours that offer elegant look and effortless combination.

These tones vividly highlight the new trends: plain, modern and bright.

Available in gloss and matte finish.

S101B Blanco

S101B/M Blanco

S275B Piedra Strati

S275B/M Piedra

S132B Ciclone Strati

S132B/M Ciclone

S274B Tierra Strati

S274B/M Tierra

S948B Perla Oro Strati

S948B Perla Oro

S929B Perla Plata Strati

S929B Perla Plata

S277B Gris Grafito Strati

S277B / M Graphite

S201B Burdeos Strati

S201B / M Bordeaux

With BLANCO collection the kitchenis dominated by purity, elegance and brightness. These are essential products that help to create a stylish, bright and easily adaptable kitchen.

028B Blanco Nube

028B Cloud

111S Blanco Suede

111S Suede

aluminio 2000s

2000S Aluminum