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The range of “BASICOS” as essentials is a collection of silky colors that enhance the potential of the kitchen.

MSW707 Blanco

MSW020 B.Ibiza

MSW707 Blanco

MSW707 Blanco

MS194F Gris Porriño

MS194F Gray Porrino

MS65B Ivory

MS65B Ivory

haya essence

Essence Hague MS721E

Color basico MS498F Haya Soft

Soft Hague MS498F

The “Quercia” highlights the latest trends in the wooden kitchens’ world. Its original form and look offer an extreme elegance and harmony between natural and modern environments
The textures are sensitive and emphasized. Smooth finish.

Colección Quercia

Natural MS4632

MS4636 Quercia Nobileb

MS4636 Nobile

MS4633 Quercia Cenere

MS4633 Cenere

The Tranche collection of the kitchen cabinet door finishes goes beyond personality and originality.
Try to merge the classical grid texture (cross-cutting and longitudinal grating) with the avant-garde in its shades combination.
Result: elegance and exclusivity.
Subtle criss-crossed lines provoke the awakening of all the senses.


MSLK97 Beige


Brown MSLK98


MSLK99 Grey

Vecchio: the essence of wood. Its traditional finish makes the space release warmth and comfort with the standard of quality that defines our brand.
The wood is, and always will be, a classic material for the kitchen furniture.
It is undoubtedly timeless and never goes out of fashion. Its original form and colors carry clear commitment to bring nature into our homes.
The combination of wood with white produces notably nice and friendly effect.


MS303 Brianza


MS298 Tessera


MS304 Café

The Senses collection gives distinctly sensitive feeling through its unique texture.

This range shows softness, tenderness and delicacy.

It lets you create adventurous and original spaces due to the range of colors with matt finish. We have no excuse to not to decorate our kitchen with the color we like.

B071 Blanco Senses

MSB071 Blanco

UA49 Gris Oscuro Senses

Gris MSUA49 OSC.

UA91 Beige Senses

MSUA91 Beige