Strati leads to the essence of the natural tonalities, with its natural and creamy colours that offer elegancy and easy combinations..

These colours clearly marked by new trends: pure, modern and bright.

Matt and gloss finishes.

Technical characteristics

The Speco collection, It offers many possibilities in a wide range of colors; from pure white, to absolute black, creating fresh and current spaces.

The brilliance of the material, the variety of colors, his terse consistent colors allows both options for a serene and elegant space, and a fun and sparkled space.

It is a collection that stimulates… for this reason it is also intended for busy kitchens, creating a dominant and gorgeous space.

Technical characteristics

The Lacca collection is summarized in basic and simple colors; i white, gray and brown, completely smooth, without texture.. Very warm to the touch.

The finish is matte satin. Able to create a calm and serene atmosphere. The perfect balance for a kitchen space. Elegant and soft.

Technical characteristics